Dr Ron Howard - Biography


Born in Denver, Colorado, Ron Howard grew up with an amazing and spectacular background playground; the Rocky Mountains. No stranger to beautiful places, he spent his childhood and college years in Denver itself, with the magnificent Rockies and all they have to offer during the four seasons of the year.

Always having a strong sense of compassion towards others and an interest in their well-being, Ron originally was keen to major in Nuclear Medicine or Orthopedics as a career. Life as always has its curves and through a chain of events he decided to pursue Chiropractic instead for a number of reasons, but the key one being, he felt he could help people in a much more satisfying way.

Ron’s Undergraduate studies were undertaken at the University of California in Santa Barbara and the University of Colorado. It was time spent at both these establishments that saw him earn his Bachelors of Science in Human Biology and Chemistry. Four years further on saw Ron graduate with a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Logan Chiropractic College in St Louis, Missouri in 1990.

Shortly after graduating Ron travelled to Australia and set up a practice in Central Queensland.  Soon after he arrived on the sunny shores, he met his Kiwi wife, Raewyn, where the couple remained for thirteen years. Over this time they enjoyed a thriving clinic, and the unique and fun Aussie way of life.

When the couple’s three children arrived in quick succession, the decision was made to slow things down and to move closer to family. Hard choices as the families were opposite ends of the earth!  Raewyn’s Mum over the phone when asked, “Where in New Zealand should we practice?”, answered “Mapua!” They of course just lived ten minutes away in Upper Moutere.

The family were able to quickly sell their existing practice in Australia and set up shop in Mapua, Nelson in the early 2000’s. This offered a wonderful opportunity to raise the children in a warm and caring small community. ­­­Ron has always had a passion for cycle racing, both road and mountain biking, which with the lifestyle choices this dynamic area offers has really added to the benefits of running a much smaller operation.

Dr Ron Howard and Raewyn have been working together as a professional team for 27 years and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of both the Mapua and Motueka communities.

“We can’t imagine any other way of life”.